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AUTOSAR at a glance
Automakers, Tier 1 suppliers, software tool vendors and semiconductor manufacturers formed the AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) partnership to develop and establish an open de-facto-Standard for ECU (electronic control unit) software and E/E-architectures that replaces all proprietary standards within the automotive industry.
Important Goals of the AUTOSAR Alliance
Implementation and standardization of basic system functions as an OEM wide “Standard Core” solution
Scalability to different vehicle and platform variants
Transferability of functions throughout network
Integration and interchangeability of functional modules from multiple suppliers
Higher penetration of commercial-off the-shelf (COTS) software
Maintainability throughout the whole product life cycle
Increased use of commercial-off the-shelf hardware
Software updates and upgrades over vehicle lifetime
Consideration of future availability and safety requirements
Using standardized software and tools rather than proprietary solutions not only allows OEMs and suppliers to save costs but also enables them to concentrate on their core business and differenciate themselves from their competition.
AUTOSAR-Activities at EB
We have been a premium member of the AUTOSAR partnership since 2004 affirming our long-standing commitment to the standardization of automotive software. We completed the first complete AUTOSAR Standard Core as early as 2005.
Our AUTOSAR solutions comprise products fit for series production as well as customer specific services. We can develop new compliant software solutions or make your existing system fit for AUTOSAR.
You can develop and configure AUTOSAR compliant standard software with our implementation of the AUTOSAR Standard Core – EB tresos® AutoCore and our configuration framework – EB tresos® Studio. We support your project with implementation services, migration strategies for existing standard software plattforms as well as trainings and workshops.
EB tresos®: The product family for the development of ECU software.